Our Capabilities


Procurement & Assembly Lead Times:

Quick-Turn – 2-4 days (Depending on Customers Request)
Standard Turn – 5 days (Assembly Only)
Full Turnkey – 10-15 days (Depending on Availability of Parts)

PCB Assembly Capabilities:

Surface Mount Technology:
• Capable of placements down to 01005
• Fine pitch BGA (FBGA)
• QFN and lead-less IC’s
• Reflow thermal profiling

Through Hole Technology:
• Nordson Select Selective soldering for mixed technology

Board Size:
• Up to 18”x15” board size.

12″x8″ with a .25″ border (recommended)

*Contact us for panelization advise!


AOI Inspection
100% Visual Inspection Under Microscope


Inline Aqueous Cleaning System with Wash & Dry Cycles
Batch Oven for Complete Moisture Removal

For any urgent or special requests please contact us ⋅


BGA X-Ray Inspection
Functional Testing


BGA Rework & Reballing

For full turn-key services, we offer all services from design, materials procurement including PCB, assembly, quality inspection, fuctional testing, and final product assembly.

 Kitting Requirements:

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——-Kitting Requirement——-