About Us

 SMS Building

Why choose SMS for your PCB Assembly?

Surface Mount Solutions is committed to customer satisfaction and compliance by continually perfecting communication, manufacturing processes, and on time delivery. Our goal is excellence in service and repeatable quality.

SMS is a high mix, prototype, low to medium volume electronics manufacturer located in the Silicon Valley.  By owning our facility and SMT manufacturing equipment with zero debt, it allows us to control 100% of operations, production scheduling, and pricing which in turn allows customers to receive the best possible service and pricing available.

  1. Communication – is one of our main focuses, and we encourage customers to come in, and personally engage in meetings with our engineers. This allows for preventative measures to be effectively implemented before a costly mistake is made.
  2. Cost Effective Problem Solving – We approach every assembly project as if it was our own. How can we do this? With more than 20 years of experience, and having created personal projects of our own from start to finish, we know the struggles and have the solutions to running an effective manufacturing process that satisfies your bottom line.  Our lean and cost effective business model, allows us to keep a minimal overhead, resulting in a lower assembly cost for our customers.
  3. Ability to Grow with Our Customers – With no limitations, we have the space and capital to grow with your company and requirements.